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WordPress White Screen Frontend Quick Fix:

There can be a number of reasons for WordPress white screen error to occur in a WordPress website, this is also known as the screen of death in some cases. We are going to analyze a few possible reasons for it below.

1.Plugin Malfunction

2.Php Version issue

3.Theme Malfunction

4 Permission Issue

1. Plugin Malfunction Causing WordPress White Screen Frontend

Sometimes Plugin Updates cause major issues to a website such as white screen error. In some cases, The WordPress dashboard would still be accessible from back-end however in majority cases that will also not work.

If WordPress back-end is working, Just login to WordPress and disable all the plugins in it. You should see your website now live however it will be disorientated because of no plugin being activated. Now start activating plugins one by one and see which plugin is giving the issue. Once you find that plugin, just deactivate it. You can debug issues with that plugin by checking support or installing alternate.

If your back-end of WordPress is not working:

-> Login to your hosting
-> Go to File Manager
-> Rename the plugins folder
-> Make a new folder with the name of plugins
-> Now your website will be live with no plugin
-> now move plugin one by one to the new folder and debug the issue the same as last time.

2. PHP Version Issue Causing WordPress White Screen Frontend

White screen error can also occur if you have a PHP version not compatible with the installed theme or WordPress version. You can easily do this fix by following steps

  • Logging into hosting Cpanel
  • Go to Php Setting
  • Now you will see an option for Php setting or in some cases you have to click Advance
  • Try to change to a previous version and see if it resolves the issue

3. Theme Malfunction

This issue comes in mostly when using free themes. When your theme automatically updates to an unstable version which is not compatible with your WordPress version. You can fix it by following steps

  • Logging into hosting Cpanel
  • Go to File Manager
  • Go to Wp Content and Theme
  • Rename the current theme folder
  • Check if the issue gets fixed if it is fixed. You should install the previous version of the theme

4. Permission Issue

Some hosts change permissions on your files when they find any suspicious activity. You can revert back the permissions easily by following the easy steps below:

  • Login to your FTP through FileZilla or any client you prefer
  • Select the folders and give them permission 755
  • Select remaining files and give them permission 644
  • Check the website it should be fixed

If the issue you are facing is not listed here, There can be possible other reasons. The most common of them is a virus attack. You can clean virus by contacting your hosting provider or installing the backup of your website. If you want to learn how to do it by yourself stay tuned to our posts as we are going to discuss it soon

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